BU Association of Women Dentists (BUAWD)

The BU Association of Women Dentists (BUAWD) offers students opportunity for personal and professional growth through association and collaboration with women in dentistry.  BUAWD supports the goals of the American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD) and endeavors to aid in the advancement of women in dentistry and to promote the fundamentals of good oral health. Among BUAWD’s core objectives is to develop mentoring relationships between its members and faculty.

Membership in BUAWD is open to all enrolled GSDM students, regardless of race, religion, political views, nationality, handicap, gender, gender identity, etc., in accordance with Boston University policy.

Contact: buawd@bu.edu



Officers 2023-2024:
Teresa Reis DMD 25 President
Sarah Sveen DMD 25 Vice President
Cameron Iaccarino DMD 25 Secretary
Alina Salustiano DMD 24 Treasurer
Aisha Daigle DMD 25 Community Outreach Chair
TBD Fundraising Chair
Jana Saad DMD 24 Social Chair
Fiona Kerthi DMD 24 Public Relations Chair
Dr. Kady Rawal

Dr. Vasiliki Maseli

Faculty Advisor