WICKED Protein team takes top prize at Adlabbies

Wicked Protein team announced as winners during the Adlabbies ceremony.

The student team representing WICKED Protein walked away with the top prize for the fall Adlabbies, the semi-annual awards presented for the best work by student staff members of AdLab, the country’s largest student-run ad agency.

“In delivering fresh new social ads for Instagram and TikTok, this team excelled in all phases and really stood out this semester,” said Shawn Zupp, COM professor of the practice for advertising and AdLab co-faculty adviser with Prof. Michelle Sullivan. “We couldn’t be happier with the work.”

AdLab alumni Priya Singh (Hill Holiday), Samantha Haas (Fidelity), Evan Kielmeyer (Puma), Sophia Marraccini (Rue Gilt Group), Ghewa Taha and Chelsea Hamilton (Digitas) served as award presenters for the ceremony in December.

Series of posters for the Wicked Protein campaign.

Overall, 74 COM advertising students earned nominations across 12 categories for their work on behalf of clients such as Dunkin’, Celebrity Cruises, Asics and Sallie Mae. The winners:

Grandlabbie: Best Overall Performance

  • Winners: Olivia Beriker, Yuqing Cao, Xinyi Hong, Sayuki Kahara, Amelia Latham, Justin Lee, Chenfei Xu, Qianyun Zhang
  • Client: WICKED Protein

Accounts: Best Client Relationship

  • Winner: Leah Hirschman
  • Client: Good Dogg

Accounts: Greatest Problem Solver

  • Winner: Yuqing Cao
  • Client: WICKED Protein

Project Management: Most Efficient

  • Winner: Mishel Chen
  • Client: Sallie Mae

Project Management: Best Team Building

  • Winner: Zihe Han
  • Client: Good Dogg

Strategy: Best Research Learning

  • Winners: Wndi Zhao and Sihan Zan
  • Client: Spiffy Bin

Strategy: Best Creative Strategy

  • Winners: Ana Lucia Fernandez and Meghan Boyda
  • Client: Dunkin’

Creative: Best of Show, Creative Campaign

  • Winners: Camilla Atalla, Riley Gatz Splan, Carly Smith and Kelly Kleschen
  • Client: CommCreative

Creative: Best Copywriting

  • Winners: Shiyu Mei and Damoni Chou
  • Client: Spiffy Bin

Creative: Best Art Direction

  • Winners: Sayuki Khara and Justin Lee
  • Client: WICKED Protein

Brand & New Business: Best Marketing Approach

  • Winner: Leyla Eren (Brand)

Brand & New Business: Most Progressive Initiative

  • Winner: Chloe Patel (New Business)