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Modern Greek is an exciting and dynamic world language, spoken by over 13 million people in Greece and in Greek communities across the globe.

Boston is the perfect place to learn Greek. Boston has a close-knit and collaborative Greek community, and is home to many Greek organizations, festivals, and cultural events.

Why study Modern Greek?

  1. Learning the Greek language is the best way to get to know the wonders of Greek culture, and its amazing food, music, and art. When you learn Greek at BU, the city is your classroom. Your classes will include experiences around the city sampling Greek food, visiting museums, and seeing Greek dramatic performances.
  2. Students interested in poetry and literature will also find much to enjoy in Greek.
  3. Learning Greek can enhance your credentials in the fields of business, education, tourism, science, law, and many other fields. Set yourself apart from other graduates by learning Greek!

Students interested in visiting Greece as part of their degree can participate in the Summer Study Program to Greece, organized by the BU Philhellenes. Scholarships are available for all students.

Four semesters of Modern Greek (or their equivalent) satisfies the CAS language requirement. If you have taken some Modern Greek before and are interested in continuing your study, complete a placement test here, so that we can advise you on the appropriate level.

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