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Your gift to the Department of Classical Studies makes a huge difference. Help make our Department the best it can be for students, staff, and faculty —and create change on campus and around the world.

There are many ways in which a donation to the Department of Classical Studies will help us further our mission of building a community dedicated to researching ancient Greek and Roman history, culture, and literature and analyzing the ways in which these ancient civilizations continue to influence our world today.

Your gift helps fund programs such as:

  • Undergraduate Classics Association (UCA) an organization open to all BU undergraduates with an interest in Classics. The UCA hosts annual events including Gorefest!, a Halloween reading of Greek and Roman tragedy, and an ancient comedy reading of a play by Aristophanes or Plautus. They also host weekly teas throughout the semester.
  • Graduate Reading Groups – For example, the reading group Hestia focuses on holistic, inclusive, and decentered pedagogy in Classical Studies.
  • Res Difficiles an online conference that was started in 2020 by BU Associate Professor Hannah Čulík-Baird and Joesph Romero, Professor of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion at University of Mary Washington. The conference focuses on examining the challenges of teaching Classics to students who are increasingly more diverse in gender, identity, race, ethnicity, income, and family structure.

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