Classical Studies at Boston University

‘Classical Studies’ is the study of the civilizations of the Ancient Mediterranean world, particularly Greece and Rome, and their legacy in the modern world. Classics is in everything: it is myth studies, political science, art history, religion, psychology, linguistics, and medicine; it is great literature from epic to tragedy and comedy, history and satire, philosophy and the novel; it is even the powerful arts of persuasion and rhetoric. We explore them all. We look to the past to see the present. You can major or minor in Classical Civilization, Classics and Philosophy, Classics and Religion, Myth Studies, Ancient Greek, Latin, and/or Modern Greek. You can study all this under one roof or while abroad and have a blast doing so.

Our graduate program in Classical Studies offers a MA, a PhD, as well as BA/MA and MA/PhD Dual Degree programs. The program is both structured and flexible to offer careful training and guidance as well as to foster independent research and growth. For details, visit our Graduate Degree Programs page. 

Why Study Classics at BU?