Analyze Ancient Texts in their original lanugage

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Ancient Greek offers students a deeper understanding of some of the world’s most influential works of drama, philosophy, history, and theology.

Students who study ancient Greek will: 

  1. Read the philosophical works of Plato, the New Testament, the Iliad and Odyssey of Homer, the thrilling love poetry of the female poet Sappho, and classic tragedies such as EuripidesMedea and Sophocles’ Antigone, among many other works.
  2. Explore and discuss the meaning of the texts through study of genre, style, and cultural context.
  3.  Come closer to the thoughts, hopes and ideas of the Greeks, whose myths, art, and political thought have left a lasting impression on later world cultures.

Students who have learned Greek have gone on to careers in medicine, law, education, and editing, among many others.

Four semesters of Ancient Greek (or their equivalent) satisfies the CAS language requirement. If you have taken some Ancient Greek before and are interested in continuing your study, complete a placement test here, so that we can advise you on the appropriate level.

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