Maximus (Max) and Lucy
Parents: Jeff Henderson and Pat Johnson

A Russian Blue mix adopted as a kitten in 2010, Max (left) has lived up to the shelter’s description, “he’s perfect”: smart, easy-going and companionable, inquisitive, game for any kind of activity, takes good care of himself and us, keeping an eye on what’s going on outside the window and inspecting anything that comes into the house.

Lucy (right) was in bad shape when we adopted her from a shelter in 2008 but her gaze was irresistible. She’s shy and suspicious of anything and anyone out of her routine, but very sweet and affectionate and a just plain beautiful sight to see.


Luna and Cookie Tan 
Parents: The Tan Family

Luna (left) and Cookie (right) Tan are the family dogs of Prof. Uden’s other half. Currently they live in Singapore. Luna is a maltidoodle and emerging Instagram star (lunathemaltidoodle). Cookie is the newest member of the family, and her lifelong mission is to terrorize Luna.


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Lydia and Clodia
Parents: The Kronenberg Family

Lydia and Clodia are Chihuahua-Yorkie (“chorkie”) mutts from the streets of Natchez, Mississippi and Gibson, NC, respectively. Unfortunately, after 2.5 years of tolerating each others’ company, Lydia decided she wants to be an only dog and tries to kill Clodia every chance she gets. Through carefully managed room rotation (and doggy Prozac), we’ve managed to maintain a semblance of normal life. When she is not plotting world domination (or at least Clodia-domination), Lydia likes to chase squirrels, eat kibble, sleep, tremble, pee on rugs, and make us carry her on walks (she is very lazy, but the doggy psychiatrist got mad when we called her lazy and said she might be in pain. We are pretty sure she is just lazy). Clodia also likes to chase squirrels, sleep, pee on wood floors, play with toys, walk, and bark at big trucks, strangers, and dogs. They have a band called the Chorktones, with eclectic musical stylings, and are also master thespians, having acted in numerous Gorefests.


Pimm’s Marmalade Bangers and Mash Klein
Parents: The Klein Family

Pimm’s Marmalade Bangers and Mash Klein is a very English Springer Spaniel. The model for Plato’s Noble Hound/ Philosopher-King in The Republic, he is fiercely brave in the face of squirrels, birds, and all things that squeak, with the gentle soul and general demeanor of a Sesame Street Muppet. When he’s not helping Professor Klein with her grading, he enjoys mystery novels, space-trivia, and belly rubs.


Parents: The Givens Family

Governor is a part of the Givens Family. He is a little old man who loves to lie in the sun and run around the track at Milton Academy. You can find him napping in front of the heater or tapping his feet in hopes of getting a seat at the table (which he always does).


Parent: The Watkins Family

Having rescued this majestic pigeon from becoming squab in 2017 from an aviary in South Carolina, we originally named her Elgin after the Parthenon Marbles, but changed her name after she laid an egg. Ellie, like the city that produced the monument for which she is named, is full of contradictions: She is (μὲν) sweet and affectionate, but (δέ) fiercely territorial and possibly a little sexist. She made a few cameos during the zooming of the pandemic, occasionally sporting her fashionable pigeon pants (read: diaper). Her hobbies include randomly flapping about in her cage, attacking whomever is attempting to clean said cage, attempting to climb into her food container, and standing on new and interesting things, particularly people`s heads.


Nfr and Mu Aglio
Parent: James Aglio

Egyptian and Sumerian, respectively, for ‘beautiful.’ Enough said.


Minerva (MinMin)
Parent: Amanda Rivera

Minerva is an eight year old shelter kitty adopted in 2015 who suspiciously looks a lot like a Russian Blue. She enjoys using her paw to pull pieces of cat food out of her bowl so she can eat one piece at time, hiding in small spaces, and spying on the ancient golden retriever that sleeps in the yard across the street.


Parent: Will Lewis

This guy Sucks.

Parent: Allison Jodoin

Leukos Lukos is a bichon frise adopted in 2020 as a graduation present. Although he should be a lap dog, he enjoys swimming and taking on cat-like behaviors, such as walking across desks during Zoom calls, knocking things off tables, and hiding in small spaces.

Parents: The Laceys

Jasper is a Catahoula leopard dog rescued from Hurricane Harvey. He has reluctantly learned to swim and to coexist peacefully with cats, but he still can’t tolerate people using their phone when they should be paying attention to him.