The Department of Classical Studies works closely with faculty and students from across the Humanities, including the Departments of Art History, Archaeology, World Languages & Literatures, Religion, and Philosophy, and the School of Theology.  Affiliated areas of specialties include:

Ancient Studies

Professor Andrea Berlin
James R. Wiseman Emeritus in Classical Archaeology
Department of Religion
Classical Archaeology, Hellenistic and Roman East

Assoc. Professor Alejandro Botta
School of Theology
Akkadian, Hebrew Bible, Assyriology and Egyptology

Professor David Frankfurter
William Goodwin Aurelio Chair
Department of Religion
Ancient Mediterranean Religions

Asst. Professor Marc Gasser-Wingate
Department of Philosophy
Ancient Philosophy

Professor Karl Kirchwey
Department of English
Literary Translation
Contemporary Poetry

Professor Jonathan Klawans
Department of Religion
Ancient Judaism

Sr. Lecturer Sophie Klein
Core Curriculum
Greek and Roman Theater

Dr. Brandon Jones
Managing Editor, Arion
Greek and Roman Literature

Assoc. Professor John M. Marston
Archaeology Program/ Anthropology
Environmental Archaeology

Assoc. Professor S. Rebecca Martin
Department of History of Art and Architecture
Greek Art

Asst. Professor Luis Menéndez-Antuña
School of Theology
Early Christianity

Assoc. Professor Judith Swanson
Department of Political Science
Ancient Political Science


Assoc. Professor Amy Appleford
Department of English
Medieval English Literature

Assoc. Professor Jonathan Barnes
Department of Roman Studies/ Linguistics Program
Historical Linguistics

Assoc. Professor Diana Lobel
Department of Religion
Classical and Medieval Jewish Studies

Assoc. Professor Irit Kleiman
Department of Romance Languages
Medieval and Renaissance French

Professor Sunil Sharma
Department of World Languages and Literatures
Persian and South Asian Literatures

Dr. Russell Stone
Assistant Provost for Academic Assessment
Medieval Latin Literature

Asst. Professor Peng Yin
School of Theology
Comparative Ethics/ Chinese Theology


Professor Jodi Cranston
Department of History of Art and Architecture
Renaissance Art

Professor Christopher Martin
Department of English
English and European Renaissance

Assoc. Professor Erin Murphy
Department of English