Printmaking Minor

Students pursuing a BA in Art or BFA in Art Education, Graphic Design, Painting, or Sculpture are able to declare a minor in Printmaking. Students gain experience and exposure to a variety of printmaking art forms and techniques that supplement and enrich their study in other disciplines.

Visual Arts Minor

The Visual Arts minor is selective and requires an application for admission. All undergraduate students at BU who are majoring in areas outside of the School of Visual Arts are eligible to apply. The application consists of a portfolio that demonstrates an applicant’s previous experience in the visual arts and their current abilities in observational drawing.

Observational drawing refers to the practice of working from the world directly in front and around us unmediated by technology like the camera or a screen. The portfolio should show your strengths in formal qualities such as composition, material, texture and the language of rendering form as well as your conceptual and personal interests. Drawing is the foundation of the Visual Arts curriculum and VA minors are expected to be proficient in this area so that they may fully engage with courses in the School of Visual Arts.


Additional Information

Visual Arts minors are advised to develop an academic plan that allows them to complete the minor at a rate of one 4cr course per semester due to limited class availability and the time-intensive nature of visual arts studio courses. Beth Zerega, Academic Advisor for the School of Visual Arts, is available to help minors with their course planning.

Summer Term & Study Abroad

Visual Arts minors are eligible to participate in the Venice Studio Arts program offered through BU Study Abroad.  This program, offered during the summer and the academic year, provides students with the opportunity to study visual arts and Italian culture.  All Visual Arts courses (CFA AR xxx) offered in Venice count towards the Visual Arts minor.

Many Visual Arts minors fulfill some of their minor requirements during BU Summer Term, particularly those who are interested in taking courses in Graphic Design. All BU Summer Term Visual Arts courses (CFA AR xxx) count towards the Visual Arts minor.”

Venice Studio Arts Program

Venice Studio Arts Summer Program

Intra University Transfer

Students who desire study in the visual arts beyond what is offered through the minor may be able to apply for an Intra University Transfer (IUT) to major in the BA in Art or a BFA in Art Education, Graphic Design, Painting, Printmaking, or Sculpture. Pursuing an IUT later than the fall of Sophomore year may lengthen a student’s course of study. Students considering this should consult with Visual Arts Academic Advising on their plan.

CFA Intra University Transfer