Withdrawal Form (Graduate Students)

This form is for CFA Graduate Students only. Please use this form to notify the College of Fine Arts of your intent to withdraw. Please clearly state your reason in the appropriate section. 

All students are encouraged to consult with the following offices if applicable: School or College Office of Financial Assistance, Housing, ISSO, as well as their School or College when considering a permanent withdrawal. Undergraduate students should contact the University Service Center for assistance in arranging a permanent withdrawal.

Recipients of Financial Assistance must request a refund in writing through their Office of Financial Assistance. All other students must request a refund in writing from Student Accounting Services, 25 Buick Street, Suite 130. View the full tuition refund schedule here

Student Housing (On Campus Students Only)
If your Withdrawal will be effective for the current semester, you are required to vacate University Housing within 48 hours of submitting the form.

International Students (On Campus Students Only)
All international students must consult with their ISSO advisor prior to withdrawing. ISSO is located at 888 Commonwealth Avenue, 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02215. More information is available at bu.edu/isso.