Undergraduate External Transfer Course Pre-Approval/Approval Form

Fill out this form if you plan on taking courses at another accredited, degree-granting college, community college, or university in the United States and those courses have been pre-approved for transfer credit in the BU Transfer Equivalency Site (TES). You can find the TES database here. For more information about transfer equivalency for current BU students, refer to this page.

If a course or courses you are interested in taking has not been approved for BU credit, you must fill out and submit a Transfer Course Equivalency Form to the department that best corresponds with the course material. The completed, approved form can then be submitted to the CFA Dean’s Office located at 855 Comm Ave, Suite 230, or by email to cfastu@bu.edu.

Please note: once you have completed your external course(s) and received a final grade, you must submit an official transcript from the host institution to the CFA Registrar, Mary Ducharme, by email mducharm@bu.edu or in-person to the the following address: 855 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 230, Boston, MA, 02215. External transfer credit cannot be awarded without receipt of an official transcript from the host institution.

Official transfer credit policies are available here.

This form is used to document equivalency for coursework to be completed outside of Boston University that is intended for use toward the College of Fine Arts degree. The following is a summary of guidelines:

  • Transfer credit must be taken in an accredited program at an accredited college or university.
  • A minimum grade of C is required in any course for which a student seeks transfer credit.
  • Courses receive no more than the number of credits earned at the host institution, (e.g. if a course is worth 3 semester credits at the outside college or university, it will transfer in as 3 credits to BU; courses taken on a trimester or quarter system will be converted to semester credits accordingly)
  • Courses must carry at least 2.5 Boston University credits in order to be equated to College of Fine Arts courses.
  • Only courses equivalent to those offered by the undergraduate schools and colleges of Boston University will be accepted for transfer.
  • During the fall and spring semesters, CFA students may not enroll concurrently at BU and another institution.
  • Upon completion of external course(s), students enrolled in the College of Fine Arts should request that an official transcript from the host institution be sent to the CFA Registrar, Mary Ducharme, by email (mducharm@bu.edu) or the CFA Dean’s Office at the following address: 855 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 230, Boston, MA, 02215

Can I transfer in Hub units from another university? No. The BU Hub is offered only at Boston University and is an essential component of the BU undergraduate experience. While courses often may be transferred from other universities for major, minor, or elective credits, they may not be used to fulfill Hub requirements.