Music Theatre Concentration

The Music Theatre Concentration at Boston University School of Theatre is a 3-course, 9-credit sequence available to any student in the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Acting or BFA Theatre Arts Performance programs. The concentration is not a major, minor, or separate track. Students wishing to pursue the concentration are required to meet with faculty at the end of their first year to discuss their interests and audition.

Building on the goal of strengthening the excellence of their undergraduate education, the curriculum also encourages students to re-imagine and create new future possibilities in the musical theatre genre. For those who wish to pursue acting or musical theatre as a career, or who wish to apply to graduate programs in this field, this concentration will serve as verification of their skill level and commitment to the field of study.

Students pursuing the music theatre concentration are encouraged to take private voice lessons through the School of Music and additional dance and movement classes through the Dance Department at the BU Physical Education, Recreation & Dance Department.

With a music theatre concentration…

Students apply their acting training techniques to the genre of music theatre and expand upon vocal and physical grounding by moving into musical text and song. They awaken their awareness of self-expression through singing, acting, and movement. Students explore the principles of musicality in solo work and ensemble work and they delve into the genre’s vibrant history to develop a diverse repertoire!

Music Theatre Concentration Curriculum:

  • CFA TH 218 Music Theatre Performance Skills I & II: Applying Stanislavski Principles
  • CFA TH 317 Music Theatre Performance Skills III: Scene Study
  • CFA TH 419 Music Theatre Performance Lab

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