Welcome Bioinformatics! The Program in Bioinformatics was founded at BU in 1999 and is recognized as one of  the top bioinformatics graduate training programs in the US. More than 50 core and affiliated faculty members conduct highly interdisciplinary research, teaching, and training at the nexus of the medical, biological, and computational sciences. 

Given its complementary focus, the Bioinformatics Program moved into Computing & Data Sciences (CDS) in July 2023.   

“The incorporation of Bioinformatics as a Program within CDS will encourage and facilitate collaborations and cross-fertilization of research between computational biology and the wide range of computational and data-driven fields in CDS,” said Azer Bestavors, Associate Provost for Computing & Data Sciences. 

Starting in Fall 2023, admissions to the Bioinformatics MS and PhD programs will be managed through CDS with degrees conferred by CDS.  

“Undergraduate and graduate students in CDS and beyond will benefit from new courses that focus on the fundamental principles and applications of data science methods—machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.—in computational biology,” said Tom Tullius, Director of the Bioinformatics Program.

Learn more about the Bioinformatics Program at Boston University.