Diversity & Inclusion

Our Commitment

As an academic unit developed from a clean slate, we are committed to weaving diversity and inclusion in all we do. Through our teaching, research, partnerships, and experiential learning programs, we seek to

Democratize computing and data science

Our curricula are rich in ramps and bridges as opposed to gateways, making computing and data science accessible to learners who may have never envisioned themselves as data scientists, including women, people of color, and first-generation students.

Leverage diversity of thought and experience

Advances in computing and data sciences aren’t made in a vacuum. To make a real-world impact, any solution we develop needs to be conceived and evaluated by people who reflect the diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and lived experiences in our society.

Create communities both big and small

We are making a concerted effort to build a university-wide community united in its use of computing and data science across disciplines, while also creating and empowering smaller communities to pursue their passion for specific real-world impact.