From Psychology to Data Science: How Teaching Fellow Graham Albert Utilizes Data

Graham Albert is a teaching fellow for the ‘DS 100 – Data Speaks Louder than Words’ class at the Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences. He works under Clinical Assistant Professor, Langdon White, to introduce students to the foundational aspects of data science. This includes leading lab discussions on the research design process, familiarizing students […]

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Jonathan Huggins: Computation, Statistics, and Real-World Problems

Jonathan Huggins joined BU in 2020 after a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Harvard’s Department of Bioinformatics. During the past few years, he has been busy researching, giving talks, writing papers, and, of course, teaching! A Data Science Faculty Fellow, he participates in various collaborative efforts which go beyond his reaching and research agendas. Recently, he […]

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Faculty Spotlight: Langdon White

Langdon White is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences (CDS). He comes to CDS with a bit of a different background. Rather than working in research and academia, he has spent his career, before joining the faculty, in industry. He has served as CTO, Chief Architect, Vice President, software […]

Faculty Spotlight: Kevin Gold

We are welcoming our initial cohort of undergraduate students transferring into the BS program in Data Science from other BU units this fall. With many data science courses on the books for Fall 2021, we sat down with newly hired Associate Professor of the Practice Kevin Gold to learn more about his background, interests, and […]

Getting Cryptographers Out of the Lab

“Applied cryptography.“ Once Gabe Kaptchuk heard the term he knew that is what he wanted to pursue. In 2019, cryptography might not have been top-of mind for most people but the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our privacy. Teaching, working, celebrating, grocery shopping, and interviewing BU faculty members for an article all went online, all at […]

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