The cross-cutting nature of CDS is evident in how it clusters its faculty, students, and programs around thematic areas of impact as opposed to around computing and data science subspecialties. CDS Impact Hubs are the thematic areas of "research that matters" that connect computing and data science with societally-relevant areas of impact that BU is strategically positioned to lead, most notably around Equity, Sustainability, Health and Biomedicine, and Civic Tech.

Within the context of these Hubs, much of CDS’s work is done through co-Lab partnerships that engage stakeholders from across BU and beyond. Co-Labs have a shared infrastructure and staff support for specific partner-directed deliverables and focus on integrating basic and applied research with curricular and co-curricular activities.

Research with impact.

MassMutual co-Lab

Building ties between academia and industry is a critical part of how CDS makes a real-world impact. To that end, in August 2021, MassMutual teamed up with CDS to launch the MassMutual Co-Lab.

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