Bachelor’s-to-Master’s Programs are linked bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in which the two degrees are conferred sequentially. This Bachelor’s-to-Master’s program allows students to apply a maximum of 8 credits from their BS in Data Science degree toward either the MS in Data Science (MSDS) or the MS in Bioinformatics (MSBF) degree programs.  The credits applied toward the master’s degree must be at the 500-level or above.

Students must apply to Bachelor’s-to-Master’s Programs before the conferral of the bachelor’s degree. Typically, students apply to the Data Science Bachelor’s-to-Master’s program in their junior year via the normal application process. Students in the Data Science Bachelor’s to Master’s Programs must complete at least 24 credits while enrolled as a graduate student.  Students should consult with the Financial Assistance office to learn how entrance into the Bachelor’s-to-Master’s Program might impact their financial aid.

For the MS in Data Science, undergraduate students may take any approved MSDS course. 

For the MS in Bioinformatics, undergraduate students may take CDS BF 527, CDS BF 550, or another BF course approved by the BF program.

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