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Data science is a rapidly growing field providing students with exciting career paths and opportunities for advanced study. It draws from and builds upon the traditional STEM disciplines, to extract knowledge and insights from both structured and unstructured data.

In our program, you’ll receive some of the technical training of a traditional STEM degree program. But rather than studying just one discipline, you’ll use computer science and math and statistics tools to build models from data that can be used to understand phenomena, answer questions, and more.

You’ll combine computational and inferential thinking to collect, explore, and analyze data for the purpose of identifying patterns, drawing conclusions, and making predictions about underlying, often-complex, real-world processes.

Data science is inherently interdisciplinary, given the diversity of disciplines needed to understand and model processes, which may span natural, physical, social, economic, and humanistic dimensions. The degree-granting, academic programs offered by CDS reflect that, preparing you to pursue careers in which you lead independent, cutting-edge research and development, whether in academia or industry.

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