Courses taken by both undergraduate and graduate students in Marine Science may be offered through the Biology Department, the Department of Earth and Environment, or the Marine Program. To see how these courses fit within the Marine Science Major and Minor, and for the most up to date course listings, please visit the CAS Bulletin. Please see below for detailed information on Introductory Marine Science courses, Marine Breadth courses, and Marine Semester courses.


CAS EE 144: Intro to Oceanography

CAS BI 260: Marine Biology

CAS MR 533: Scientific Diving

Fall – Standard Classes

CAS EE 144: Intro to Oceanography

CAS EE 310: Climate and the Environment

CAS EE 505: Geographic Information Systems

Fall – Marine Semester Classes

Block 1

(EE543) Estuaries and Nearshore Systems

(EE 544) Coastal Sedimentology

(BI546) Marine Megafaunal Ecology

(MR 533) Scientific Diving

Block 2

(BI/EE523) Marine Urban Ecology

(EE/BI591) Bio-optical Oceanography

(EE542) Coastal Ecosystems

(BI 531) Ichthyology

Block 3

(BI/EE578) Marine Geographic Information Systems

(ES/BI593) Marine Physiology and Climate Change

(BI 541) Coral Reef Restoration and Resilience

(BI/EE 562) Tropical Seagrass Ecology

Block 4

(BI548Marine Microbe Microscopy

(BI 511) Ecology of Coral Reef Fishes

(BI569) Tropical Marine Invertebrates

(MR 521) Quantitative Fisheries Analysis


CAS BI 260: Marine Biology

CAS BI 303: Evolutionary Ecology

CAS BI 413: Microbial Ecology

CAS BI 509: Metapopulation Ecology **

CAS BI 519: Theoretical Evolution Ecology**

CAS BI 550: Marine Genomics

CAS BI 500: Biology of Sharks

CAS BI 586: Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics**

CAS EE 142: Beach & Shoreline Processes

CAS EE 351: Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography

CAS EE 360: Introduction to Physical Oceanography

CAS EE 371: Introduction to Geochemistry

CAS EE 422: Aquatic Optics and Remote Sensing

CAS EE 423: Marine Biogeochemistry

CAS EE 507: Dynamical Oceanography**

CAS EE 533: Quantitative Geomorphology

CAS AR 518: Zooarchaeology

**Offered in alternate years