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Ethan Deyle

Syallabus – Quant Fish 2023v1.0

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Fall 2024

Centered on the mathematics and computational methods that underly and support fisheries science and management. Course content provides abundant hands-on experience in R; revisits key mathematics and statistics for ecology and marine science; and hones critical thinking & problem solving. The core philosophy for coding exercises is “basic tools to do not-so-basic science”. Course provides context on the past, present, and future of managing exploited marine populations and the natural world around them.

Additional Considerations

  • Academic prerequisites: In addition to the general Marine Semester prerequisites, it is recommeded that you have completed MA 123 or equivalent.
  • Personal gear: Many students find it convenient to do the coursework in R studio on their own personal laptop but it is not required.
  • Schedule: Course is general 2 hours of lecture/discussion in the morning and 3 hours of computer lab in the afternoon