Instructors: Karina Scavo ( and Lizzie McNamee (

Next offering:

Fall 2024


Scientific Diving is an advanced course that builds on the basics of diving to teach you to safely task load and conduct research underwater. The course covers DAN Diving First Aid for Professional Divers, field accident management, dive planning, physics, physiology, decompression theory, data collection techniques, and other topics.

Additional Costs and Considerations:


Required Paperwork due ASAP for admission to Fall 2024 class.

All forms should be scanned and in PDF format and emailed to Lizzie McNamee at

Upon submission of completed forms, a pool evaluation must be successfully completed to be enrolled in the course. The pool evaluation consists of two parts:

Part 1 – Swim Evaluation

  • AAUS Swim Test
    • 400 yd swim in 12 minutes or less
    • 25 yd swim underwater
    • 25 yd tired swimmer transport
    • 10 minute tread water
  • 14 ft duck dive and exit from pool without use of a ladder

Part 2 – SCUBA Skills Checkout. All SCUBA gear will be provided by the program including a full orientation and review.
Upon successful completion of the water evaluation, students can enroll in the course. Priority will be given to faculty, research professors, postdoc, staff, and graduate students with research needs that will require the use of SCUBA. Remaining seats in the course are open to all students.
Required Gear

  • 7mm Full Wetsuit with hood or hooded vest
  • Gloves
  • Booties
  • Heel Strap Fins
  • Mask
  • Gear Bag

Provided with the course: regulator set, buoyancy compensation device, computer, compass, weight system, and cylinders.

Swim and Dive Resources

  • If you are not sure about your swimming skills, FitRec has open swim hours for you practice before pool sessions are scheduled.
  • FitRec offers adult swim lessons.
  • MR 533 Scientific Diving is an advanced diving course that builds on the basics and foundations of SCUBA diving. If you have not logged any dives in the last 12 months, you can take a refresher course with any dive shop, take an advanced diving course, and join dives led by the shop to meet the pre-requisites.