master logo

When to Use

The University plate is the official logo of Boston University. It should be used on all external communications and any internal communications that need a more formal approach.

The correct usage of our logos and logo system is mandatory across all pieces of collateral. The logos should be used exactly as specified, and should not be manipulated or altered. The plate must be used along with the appropriate sub-brand logotype.


Give the logo its space. This is one of the most important things we’d like you to remember. This space is always required on print pieces. This safe zone unit is the height of the mark, on all four sides of the logo. Do not impose on this space. It allows the logo to stand out on the page.

master logo clear space


Here’s how to color the University plate depending upon your medium. Designers will always find creative ways to work with the logo within our guidelines. Visit our Colors page for detailed color specifications.

  • White logo reversed out of BU Red
  • Black logo on white background
  • White logo reversed out of black

master logo white master logo black
master logo reversed


On a standard 8½ x 11" page, the University plate should not be larger than 1.25 inches.

On an 8½ x 11" page, the University plate should never be smaller than .75 inches.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Do give the logo the proper amount of clear space
  • Do keep the logo in proportion
  • Do reverse the logo on a red or black background
  • Don’t put text or design elements too close to the logo
  • Don’t warp or stretch the logo
  • Don’t reverse the logo out of anything but red or black


You must be a staff or faculty member to download logos. Students and third parties can request logos from a faculty or staff sponsor.