When to Use

The sub-brand logotype is used to identify individual schools, colleges, or other entities. It should be used in combination with the University plate on internal communications that require a more formal approach.


Sub-brand logotypes must appear either with the University plate or as part of a sub-brand signature.

sub-brand logotype placement


A sub-brand logotype is always one color only: black. Always black—never in BU Red (and never in your own choice of color). Visit our Colors page for detailed specifications.

A sub-brand logotype can only be reversed to white out of red or black.

sub-brand logotype white

sub-brand logotype black


Departments will appear below the school or college, helping the reader understand where the department is located.

sub-brand logotype


Our identity standards specify the use of “&” instead of “and” in the names of schools, colleges, administrative or academic departments, offices, centers, and institutes.

sub-brand logotype

Office of

Our identity standards have eliminated “Office of” in the names of departments. “Office of” is not used in logos or running text. The exception is when the office takes its name from an individual’s title (e.g., Office of the Provost, Office of the President, etc.).

sub-brand logotype

Do's and Don'ts

  • Do give the logo the proper amount of clear space
  • Do keep the logo in proportion
  • Do reverse the logo on a red or black background
  • Do place the sub-brand logotype on the same print page with the University plate
  • Don’t put text or design elements too close to the logo
  • Don’t warp or stretch the logo
  • Don’t reverse the logo out of anything but red or black
  • Don’t make your own sub-brand logotype. In fact, we’ll give you one; just request it here


You must be a staff or faculty member to download logos. Students and third parties can request logos from a faculty or staff sponsor.