Dr. John Okechi’s paper, The ecological health of Lake Victoria (Kenya) in the face of growing cage aquaculture, was recently published in Conservation Science and Practice. The paper was based on his dissertation work completed while obtaining his PhD in Biology in the Kaufman Lab.

Okechi is an experienced and enthusiastic marine biologist; highly passionate about the study of marine environmental issues, aquaculture and biodiversity conservation. He is committed to excellence in research, and is a skilled leader in the field and at the bench, working with people from diverse backgrounds. For the last five years, he has been a significant member of the Kaufman Lab at BU. He is currently a visiting researcher in the Kaufman Lab. A synopsis of the paper is below.

The rapid growth of cage aquaculture in Lake Victoria has raised concerns regarding its contribution to eutrophication and implications for biodiversity conservation. The results show no difference in environmental conditions between cage and control stations, and a significantly higher total fish biomass at cages stations. If practiced properly and kept within environmental limits, cage aquaculture in Lake Victoria holds the promise of enhancing food security, helping to safeguard freshwater biodiversity, and empowering women in the workforce.
Read the paper here: http://doi.org/10.1111/csp2.12826.

Congratulations, Okechi!

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