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Camping Amidst COVID-19

By Dr. Suzanne Markham Bagnera The current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has dismantled the hospitality industry. With increased demands for social distancing, camping could very well be this summer’s best vacation plan. A better understanding of current practices and recommendations for new campgrounds protocols will be addressed. Camping provides many benefits, consider getting outside and enjoying the […]

Evolution or Extinction? Leadership through Innovation in a Time of Crisis

By Dr. Taylor Peyton The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has been accelerated by congregation and travel.  By “congregation,” I mean humans gathering to interact in shared, physical space, and, by “travel” I mean that customers traditionally go to a hospitality business to receive their desired service.  Our industry has historically depended on both congregation and […]

Tweets, Hospitality, and the Coronavirus

Picture sources: Atlanticcouncil.org ; Twitter By Dr. Sean Jung & Dr. Mark Legg A few weeks back on March 11, 2020, the U.S. federal government signed a proclamation on restricting immigrants and nonimmigrants from the European Schengen Area who pose a risk of transmitting the Coronavirus. The proclamation became effective two days later on March 13, […]

Navigating Hotel Operations in Times of Covid-19

By Dr. Suzanne Markham Bagnera and Emily Stewart While the hotel industry has entered into territories unknown and never seen before in our lifetime, there is no reason to panic.  This present perfect storm has—both a health and financial—crisis occurring at the same time. Between the combined terror-related travel concern disruptions from 9/11 (from the historical […]

Hospitality Communications in a Time of Coronavirus: Tips for Maintaining Trust and Engagement

By Leora Halpern Lanz, Marco Ferrari and Dr. Makarand Mody The last three weeks have been like no other in our lifetimes. Watching the world of travel, hotels, restaurants, and hospitality in general, turn upside down – so rapidly, around the world – has been disheartening and simply surreal. As marketers and communicators who have […]

Travel Will Not Unravel: Looking At and Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis

By: Kaushik Vardharajan While the world, and the travel industry, has dealt with and survived a number of major crises such as the 9/11 attacks in the US and an unfortunate number of terrorist attacks in numerous other countries, the global financial crisis, and SARS, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has ravaged people, societies, companies, […]

A Message from Dean Upneja

Dear Reader, All of us at the Boston University, School of Hospitality Administration are thinking about you during this unprecedented and uncertain time. We are concerned about your personal health and well-being, and the collective health and well-being of the hospitality industry. While it may feel like we are alone while working from home, we are not. […]