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Volume 74 Issue 2
June 2011


Kinneret—An Urban Center at the Crossroads: Excavations on Iron IB Tel Kinrot at the Lake of Gailee
by Stefan Münger, Jürgen Zangenberg, Juha Pakkala

Almost a decade of intensive excavations by the Kinneret Regional Project has turned Tel Kinrot into one of the major sites for the study of urban life in the southern Levant during the Early Iron Age. Its urban layout, accessibility by major trade routes, and strategic location between different spheres of cultural and political influence make Tel Kinrot an ideal place for studying the interaction of various regional cultures, as well as to approach questions of ethnicity and regionalism during one of the most debated periods in the history of the ancient Levant.



Bethsaida—A Response to Stevan Notely
by Rami Arav

Response to Notely's Comments
by John F. Shroder, Jr.

Reply to Arav
by Rami Arav

A Response to Notely's Reply
by Rami Arav

The Iron Age Chronology Debate: Is the Gap Narrowing? Another Viewpoint
by Amihai Mazar


Talk From the Balk: New Discoveries from ASOR-Affiliated Projects
by Ann E. Killebrew

A New Anatolian Hieroglyphic Seal Impression from Dağılbaz Höyük, Bay of İskenderun, Turkey
by Lorenzo d’Alfonso and Ann E. Killebrew

A Latin Graffito on a Recently Discovered Eastern Sigillata A Sherd from Dalbaz Höyük, Bay of İskenderun, Turkey Aktopraklik, A Prehistoric Village in Turkey
by Brandon R. Olson and Ann E. Killebrew

In Search of Biblical Lands: From Jerusalem to Jordan in Nineteenth-Century Photography
by Hans Barnard

The Ancient Near East Gallery at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
by Garth Gilmour