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ASOR Books

ASOR’s youngest book series was created to provide a forum for research that is not directly related to the reporting of archaeological fieldwork. Works of general interest to ASOR members as well as symposia and Festschrifts are included in this series. The publication of new titles in this series is currently suspended (as of March 2006).

ASOR PublicationsWalls, Neal H., ed. Cult Image and Divine Representation in the Ancient Near East ISBN 0-89757-0685. Paperback; Boston, MA: ASOR, 2005.

Available from ISD.

ASOR PublicationsSlanski, Kathryn. The Babylonian Entitlement Narûs: A Study in Form and Function. ISBN 0-89757-060-X. Paperback; Boston, MA: ASOR, 2003.

Available from ISD.

ASOR PublicationsWalls, Neal. Desire, Discord and Death: Approaches to Ancient Near Eastern Myth. ISBN O-89757-055-3-X; 056-1 p. x + 262 Boston, MA: ASOR, 2001. The three essays presented in this volume reveal the symbolic complexity and poetic vision of ancient Near Eastern mythology. Through the application of contemporary methods of literary analysis, the author explores the interrelated themes of erotic desire, divine conflict, and death's realm in selected ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian mythological narratives. Topics include the construction of desire in the Gilgamesh epic, a psychoanalytic approach to "The Contendings of Horus and Seth," and gender and the exercise of power in the stormy romance of Nergal and Ereshkigal. Walls' fresh treatment of these three important myths brings them to life for the specialist and mythology buff alike.

Available from ISD.

ASOR PublicationsNakhai, Beth Alpert. Archaeology and the Religions of Canaan and Israel. ISBN O-89757-057-X p. x + 262 Boston, MA: ASOR, 2001.

Available from ISD.




ASOR PublicationsMacDonald, Burton. East of the Jordan: Territories and Sites of the Hebrew Scriptures. ISBN 0-89757-031-6 p. viii + 287 Boston, MA: ASOR, 2000.

Available from ISD.




sWolff, Samuel R. ed.. Studies in the Archaeology of Israel and Neighboring Lands in Memory of Douglas L. Esse ISBN 1-885923-15-5 p. xviii + 704 Chicago: The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, 2001.

Available from ISD.




Cook, Steven L. and Winter , S. C., eds. On the Way to Nineveh: Studies in Honor of George M. Landes. Atlanta, GA: Scholars Press, 1999.
Available from ISD.

Kapitan, Tomis, ed. History and Archaeology in Palestine and the Near East: Memorial Volume for Albert Glock. Atlanta, GA: Scholars Press, 1999.
Available from ISD.


How To Order Titles From This Series

The ASOR Books series is available for purchase by individual volume or by subscription via a standing order. To set up a standing order or an individual order, please contact ISD.

Customers in North America:
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Customers in Europe and the Middle East:
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