Common Data Set

The Common Data Set Initiative is a collaboration between higher education institutions and publishers to provide access to accurate and comparable data about the undergraduate experience.  This set of data is produced annually and used as a source for ranking and compliance data requests as well as other information needs.

2023-2024 Common Data Set

Last updated: April 2024

Click on the links below to look at individual sections of the Boston University Common Data Set:

A. General Information

This includes information that classify Boston University and basic contact information for the university and admissions offices.

B. Enrollment and Persistence

Enrollment data by gender, student classification, race/ethnicity; graduation rate information, and degrees awarded in the previous year.

C. First‐Time, First‐Year (Freshman) Admission

Admission data for the previous admission cohort, admission requirements for freshmen applicants, and the admission decision process.

D. Transfer Admission

Transfer student admission and enrollment information and statistics.

E. Academic Offerings and Policies

Information on specialized study programs, course work required for graduation, and information on university library collections.

F. Student Life

Student characteristics, student organizations, ROTC, and housing.

G. Annual Expenses

Undergraduate costs, expenses for a typical program, and credit charges.

H. Financial Aid

Aid awarded to enrolled undergraduates by type and need; average need met, package size, and type; student indebtedness; international aid information; and financial aid form requirements.

I. Instructional Faculty

Faculty characteristics, student-faculty ratio, and class size.

J. Degrees Conferred

Degrees conferred in the past year by topic and degree-type.