Data Use and Access

Data is one of our most valuable resources in higher education.  These pages are provided to inform the BU community about data resources, policies, and practices to help facilitate better access, use and understanding of university data.  As new data resources are developed, we will update this information.

Data Governance at Boston University

The Data Governance Program assembles subject matter experts from across Boston University to review, organize, and advise on  processes and policies around the availability, usability, and integrity of university data.

Data Trustees and Content Expertise

Questions about data access and appropriate use can be directed to AS&IR or to the Data Trustee or subject matter expert for each data area.

BU Data Trustees are responsible for the accuracy, integrity and privacy of University data.  Trustees review requests for access to sensitive data, make decisions on granting access, and review approvals on an ongoing basis.  A list of current Data Trustees is available in Data Trustee Information and Resources.

In addition, Compliance Services maintains a Compliance Matrix of senior leaders and departments with primary responsibility for the University’s most significant areas of compliance obligations.