About AS&IR

Analytical Services & Institutional Research (AS&IR) acts as the data custodian for Boston University, providing timely decision support services to the institution. Our goal is to maintain a robust history of institutional and comparative data, provide strong analytical support for evidence-based decision making, and strengthening the integrity and governance of information for use by the university community.

We serve all areas of in the institution, including the Trustees and senior leadership, administration, academic areas, faculty and students. In addition to data development, modelling and maintenance, AS&IR provides reporting and analytical support as well as consulting and self-service training with data tools. AS&IR also actively collaborates with external constituents and peer institutions to provide institutional profiles, comparative data, and develop best practices for data development and sharing.

AS&IR provides university representation at external consortia, including the Association of American Universities Data Exchange (AAUDE), the Association of Institutional Research (AIR), the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), and Northeastern Association of Institutional Research (NEAIR).