Data Resources

In addition to official university available in BU Facts, there are many other data resources around Boston University and associated higher education organizations to help guide you to the information that you need.

Alex BU Glossary (2FA VPN Required)

Alex provides a collaborative, shared view of the data and information that drive the University. Learn the meaning of words and terms we use here at BU, how they fit into our data landscape and who is most responsible for the stewardship of our BU Terms and our data. Find the connection between key measurements we depend on and the data used to provide these measurements. Most importantly, contribute your knowledge and understanding of BU’s unique “business” language and the data that give meaning to those terms.

Bio-demographic Information Resources

Bio-demographic data includes personal, economic, and social indicators such as sex, gender, race/ethnicity, and name. This page provides information on the personal data collected from members of the BU Community, how it is used by the university, and how you can update your official record.

Affiliated Offices

Analytical Services & Institutional Research works closely with other offices and working groups at Boston University that are concerned with the quality, accuracy, and appropriateness of data and analytics accessed by the BU community.

Public Data Sets

Data is a valuable resource for research, academics, and strategic decision-making, which makes easy access to data incredibly important. A variety of public access data repositories concerning higher education are available for use in research and academics. This site lists data providers that AS&IR works with regularly.