Boston University Facts

Analytical Services & Institutional Research provides access to official university facts and statistics to the BU and external communities.  Public information resources include:

  • BU Fact Book
    • The Fact Book provides an interactive view of Boston University’s data history across a variety of areas.   As we work with subject matter experts to develop new resources and data views, this content will be updated.
  • Fact Sheet
    • The Boston University Fact Sheet provides a 2-page overview of university statistics, including enrollment, admissions, faculty and staff counts, budget, and space information.
  • Common Data Set
    • The Common Data Set (CDS) is a collaborative effort among higher education institutions and and publishers to provide accurate and comparable data about undergraduate education.
  • Economic Impact
    • BU’s Economic Impact on Massachusetts is published by Government & Community Affairs.  In addition, both Full and Abridged versions of the FY 2015 report are available.
  • PhD Program Profiles
    • Published by Graduate Affairs, the PhD Program Profiles offer statistical portraits across key metrics for BU’s PhD programs.
  • University Rankings
    • A summary of BU’s current and historical national and international rankings.
  • HEOA Reporting and Disclosures
    • The Higher Education Act of 1965 includes requirements for the disclosure of information relevant to student, parents, and employees.   AS&IR maintains a summary page for easy access to this information.
AS&IR Insider: Link to internal SharePoint of reports and information

Additional information and reports are available to the BU Community in the AS&IR Insider Report Archive.