Data Governance

The objective of BU’s Data Governance program is to enhance how information supports University decision-making by improving our institutional capabilities to strategically gather, define, analyze, and provide data to our community and external constituencies. It aims to cultivate a culture that recognizes and employs data as a university asset that requires diligent care and maintenance.

Key activities include:

  • Creating and administering the process by which data definitions are centrally reviewed and approved by affected parties working with that information.
  • Defining and reviewing responsibilities, and assigning accountabilities related to the creation, use and disposal of data.
  • Overseeing the university Data Governance process for reviewing, approving, and prioritizing projects and/or policies related to development or management of strategic data resources.
  • Providing and communicating data governance documentation and training to the University community in an efficient manner, selecting and employing relevant technologies as needed.

Core components of the Data Governance Program include the collaborative network of data roles, the expertise of the Data Governance Working Group, oversight by the Strategic Information Group (SIG), and use of the data governance tool, Alex.

Data Governance: Funnel leading to Data Driven Decision Making