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    Jessica Colarossi is a science writer for The Brink. She graduated with a BS in journalism from Emerson College in 2016, with focuses on environmental studies and publishing. While a student, she interned at ThinkProgress in Washington, D.C., where she wrote over 30 stories, most of them relating to climate change, coral reefs, and women’s health. Profile

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There are 2 comments on As Climate Change Gets Worse, Science Provides Hope and Possibility

  1. The greatest obstacle to solving climate change is not climate deniers – although they are somewhat of a problem. The greatest obstacles is left wing extremists who have completely taken over the debate and are too blinded by ideology to consider ALL practical solutions to cutting greenhouse gases. They are too blinded by ideology to consider the idea that ALL sources of energy carry some environmental costs including so called renewable/sustainable energy. To build the massive number of wind turbines and solar panel to replace fossil fuels requires huge tracts of land, mining for alternative raw materials and including rare earth metals on a massive, massive scale which itself carries significant environmental costs. To do a proper assessment of the best solutions to cutting emissions you have to do a complicated cost-benefit analysis that leftists absolutely refuse to do because it is much simpler to demonize all forms of energy other so called renewables.

    However if you ditch the ideology, you have a good place to start: start by looking at examples around the world where a mix of nuclear energy, renewable energy, natural gas, even coal with some carbon capture energy efficiency, technological adaptations to the negative effects of warming climate, could make a real dent in greenhouse emissions. Try looking at France and Sweden’s experience with using nuclear energy to greatly reduce carbon emissions. Look at Germany’s experience with getting rid of its nuclear power industry and how they are now using MORE COAL and are emitting MORE greenhouse gases than a decade ago!

    Follow that up by reporting the scientific truth on worst case scenarios and that worst case climate predictions are very unlikely according to the latest research and you might win over moderates who are not climate deniers but do not think a warming climate is a big enough problem to do anything about. That is a lot of people! A more practical, more sane less ideological solutions on climate might persuade a large number of people that actually it is a big enough problem to do something about, just not the end of the world that extremists think spending trillions upon trillions as fast as possible to turn whole economies to 100% green and socialist over.

    1. I really fail to see how a nuanced analyisis of the costs of using certain energy sources is “leftist ideology”. Also this project has to be government led as the private sectors prioritise profits ahead of aiming to actually reshape our energy economy for the good of our ecosystem. Also nuclear power is good yes, idk where this idea that leftists hate nuclear comes from.

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