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There are 5 comments on Mass. Governor Baker Orders Ban on All Vaping Products and Declares Public Health Emergency

  1. Is it the vaping or the vaping of chemical additives? Based on years of personal experience with THC (30 plus years) I’m going out on a limb here to state what I believe is the truth. Stick to what’s all natural, vaping marijuana in the form of dry flower, don’t put your trust in the manufacturing processes used by these companies, the research and regulation simply isn’t there. Stay clear of vaping manufactured e-cigarettes and black market THC vape pens.

    The problem I have with the reaction to this vaping epidemic is they it is being used to attack the marijuana legalization movement. First articles I read about this really hit the mmj movement hard, but now it seems they have back pedaled a bit stating that only a small # of cases involve victims who have stated they vaped both e-cigarettes and THC products.

    Personally, after cutting back on smoking mmj and switching over a vaping it has done nothing but improve my lung capacity. I am no longer sucking wind when I hike mountains or go for a run. I don’t need a study to show me that my lungs have improved, it is something I can easily detect. and here it is, 5 years later, no issues, better health, better lung capacity.

  2. I agree. I’m 46 years old. Been smoking thc for over 25 years. It’s either the additives in those underground thc cartridges or someone is attacking the legalization of thx products.

    What is the expiration date on these products? Maybe stores are selling outdated merchandise? Some of these stores have 10s of thousands of cartridges hanging around. Maybe look in to the matter at hand and overall past use of 0 deaths.

    Instead of making up a story.

    I have been vaping thc products for almost 5 years now and my lungs work A LOT BETTER than when I was using the plant itself. I also vape the flower and occasionally, I’ll smoke a joint.

    I also have friends that have been vaping nicotine products for up to 8 years now. And they all agree. This is an angle someone is not being truthful about.

    I can tell you now, either these kids are smoking cartridges differently than me or something else screwey is going on.

    Another thing – if you can make vaping products illegal overnight. HOW COME YOU CANT TELL THESE BIG COMPANIES THAT IS ILLEGAL TO PUMP CARBON DIOXIDE INTO THE AIR ANYMORE?
    That issue seems a lot more important right now.

    Just my 2 scents.

  3. Here is a real emergency for you. TOBACCO PRODUCTS AND ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES TOGETHER KILL OVER 62 US CITIZENS PER HOUR for a total of over 550,000 dead each and every year according to the Centers for Disease Control. Far more dangerous in the extreme than vaporization products by anybody’s data. Why the big reaction to vaporizers when it’s absolutely clear that booze and cigarettes are deadly serial killers far more dangerous than vaporizers.

    Contaminated products are not good. The contamination of vaporization liquids is more fruit of the poison tree called cannabis prohibition as more and more more evidence points to black market sources as the cause of the contamination and lung ailments. Legalize regulate and tax cannabis across the board and all this black market crap will go away.

  4. It is amazing to me that Governor Baker calls this an emergency when tobacco products are directly responsible for over 55 deaths per hour in the United States alone. That is a total of over 480,000 US citizens killed annually by tobacco products. No ban, no public emergency just business as usual.

    After thoroughly researching the vaporizer issue I conclude the following. Vaporization lung illnesses are directly related to Black Market contaminated product not legitimate regulated vaporizer products. Dry herb vaporizer systems are not involved whatsoever.

    What’s completely clear is that this is just more fruit of the poison tree called cannabis prohibition and that if the industry was properly legalized and regulated we wouldn’t be having this conversation. The whole thing makes me wonder if the tobacco industry might be lurking in the Dark Shadows behind all of this.

  5. When I first tried to vape just nicotine a few years ago I got sick. I used store bought e-cigs. I tried vape juice from two companies and I coughed like crazy. It turns out I have an allergy to PG. it’s so bad that I cannot handle vaporized medicine that uses it, it causes me to be unable to breathe. I understand that people are getting sick, but why aren’t they looking into the ingredients of what people are vaping. I’m personally using only VG and buying from well known companies that use only all natural and food grade products. Nothing else is in what I’m vaping this time and I’m not getting sick. It’s not rocket science. I get that some of it may be from black market or underground stores, or nicotine poisoning, but allergic reactions when you don’t realize that’s what it is, since so many people say it’s normal to cough when you first switch to vaping can really mess you up. I was on antibiotics and steroids for almost two months to clear up my lungs when I got sick. It was awful. Since I’m disabled I mostly stay home and we knew it wasn’t a virus as my partner no my kids got sick. I really think more studies should be done looking into to this as I have met people who are allergic to the PG like myself and people who are allergic to the VG. People and doctors should be educated as to what the allergy is like so they don’t make themselves sick.

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