BU’s campus might not have the traditional college feel, but there are plenty of activities and Terrier lore that keep the school spirit alive.

The Marsh Plaza Seal

According to BU legend, undergraduate students who walk on the BU seal will not graduate within the regular four-year time period. For this reason, many students avoid the seal altogether until after Commencement. But if you step on it by accident, there’s still hope—as long as you rush across Marsh Plaza and into Marsh Chapel, your graduation date (according to the lore) is still intact. Stepping on the seal once you graduate marks the moment you become a BU alum! Fun Fact: What students and alumni call the “BU Seal” is actually University Crest.

Marathon Monday

Lovingly known as “MarMon,” Marathon Monday takes place on Patriots’ Day each year. Classes are out in honor of the state holiday, which means that students can enjoy some time off to watch world-class runners compete in the Boston Marathon. The last few miles of the Marathon go through BU’s campus, making exciting and hard-to-miss tradition.

Fuller’s BU Pub

Located at the bottom of the Dahod Family Alumni Center, a classic Boston pub greets you with dart boards, music, shuffleboard, and lively conversation. Fuller’s pub is also the home of BU’s Knight’s Quest where members of the BU community are knighted after drinking the 50 listed beers. But of course, there are several rules to the game: 1. The challenge must be done at the Pub 2. You can only drink two beers a day, and 3. It cannot be completed in less than 12 weeks. Alumni can also partake in the Quest!

The Greek Rock

There once was a little pebble that sat on the BU Beach across from the LAW tower. And after dozens of years and thousands of layers of paint, that pebble grew into the magnificent Greek Rock. Or so the legend says… Today, Students still paint the rock to advertise hundreds of organizations and causes. But no matter what time of day you may visit the rock, there may still be wet paint.

The Beanpot

The ultimate battle of Boston bragging rights, Beanpot is the four-team hockey tournament between BU, Northeastern, MIT, and Harvard. Since its debut in December 1952, the tournament has only grown in stature and popularity. From the players to the coaches, fans, media, and beyond, anyone who has experienced the Beanpot first-hand has a story to tell. And as the returning champs of the 2021-2022 Beanpot, BU hockey is always sure to put on a show.

Lobster Night

A BU tradition for the New England staple, Lobster Night is always a fan favorite. All at the cost of a meal plan swipe, the dining hall serves up whole lobsters for students each year. It’s a great opportunity for local students to show out-of-state students the ropes.

Holi Party

Each year, Cummington Mall is filled with vibrant colors, music, and more as students celebrate Holi. Hosted by the BU Hindu Student Council, Holi commemorates the beginning of Spring, fertility, love, and the triumph of good over evil.

Pumpkin Drop

Look out! The BU Physics department drops approximately 50 paint-filled pumpkins from the roof of the Metcalf Science Center and onto the plaza below. Students learn a lesson in parabolic trajectory and onlookers get to watch pumpkins smash into pieces on the floor, making for a fun and messy time for all.

Snow Days on BU Beach

In the colder months, the BU Beach might not be as warm and relaxing. But it does make the perfect spot for a snowball fight! If the weather is right, you can probably watch (or participate) in snowman-making, make-shift sledding, or a snowball fight on the beach. After all, Terriers sure do know how to make use of a snow day!

From the ice in Agganis Arena to the lawn chairs on the BU Beach, Boston University is filled with rich traditions for students and alumni to enjoy. Want to reminisce some more? Check out our virtual campus tours.