Make It, Don’t Fake It: An Interview with Author Sabrina Horn (COM’85)

“‘Fake it till you make it’ just doesn’t work—at least not long enough to build a sustainable business,” says award-winning CEO, communications expert, author, and BU alumna Sabrina Horn (COM’85).

When grad student Olivia Ogden (COM’21) was mapping out her future in the PR industry, she reached out to Sabrina (on BU Connects!) and uncovered a wealth of knowledge that Sabrina now also shares in her aptly titled new book Make It, Don’t Fake It: Leading with Authenticity for Real Business Success.

In this webinar, Sabrina and Olivia discuss how to attain and maintain business integrity and authenticity as the core of leadership.


Sabrina Horn (COM’85)
CEO, communications expert, advisor and most recently, bestselling author

Olivia Anne Ogden, (COM’21)
Graduate student