Webinar recap: Five steps to make work… not work

This webinar was presented by talent coach, Mark Myette (CGS‘81,COM‘83) on March 29, 2018. The following paragraphs sum main topics from the webinar to make it easier for our alumni & friends to get the resources they need to get ahead in their careers

Mark is the principal of “What Are Your Gifts” a program based in Atlanta, GA that helps you recognize and claim your strengths. This presentation will help you explore strengths-based career management and will give you action items for how to improve your working life.

Step one

Begin by naming and identifying your individual world. How are you wired? What are your individual strengths and values? What is specific to your experience in the world? Strengths assessments, although never 100% accurate, are a good tool to use to clarify your strengths.

Step two

Claim your strengths and assets and aim them towards your goals. You can begin claiming your assets with The Golden Circle exercise, which filters out your “why” from the list of strengths you’ve identified.

Step three

Lean into your strengths and apply them to the work you’re passionate about. Use your “why” to help you identify how you can be effective in the workplace.

Step four

Choose a vocation where your work and your passion(s) converge.

Step five

Finally, continue to check your progress and measure your results with a commitment to improvement. It’s expected and okay to feel disoriented about this process of discovery, but mistakes are encouraged and necessary for your growth.