MPH Context Certificate: Maternal and Child Health

Assuring that women, their partners, children, and adolescents are healthy and thriving is central to the public health mission throughout the world. This 12-credit certificate expands knowledge and skills needed to understand the complex biologic, social, and systems-related determinants of key maternal and child health (MCH) challenges (such as infant and maternal mortality, reproductive justice, and youth development), evaluate MCH research, and critically assess and implement programs, policies, and advocacy strategies to achieve equity across MCH populations.

Upon graduation, students will be able to:

  • Apply a life course framework, combining knowledge of human development and the cumulative impacts of all social and biologic determinants of health and systemic forms of oppression. 
  • Illustrate how key international and/or national and community-level organizations and systems promote and impede women’s, reproductive, child, and adolescent health.
  • Critically evaluate latest innovations created to meet MCH challenges of the 21st century in resource-rich and resource-poor countries and communities.
  • Analyze MCH-related research and communicate key findings and their significance to public health practice in non-technical terms.
  • Apply functional area competencies to a selected MCH population or health domain.

Course Requirements

Required Courses

  • MC 725 Women, Children, and Adolescents: A Public Health Approach (4 cr) or GH 881 Global Reproductive and Perinatal Health (4 cr)


Students must select 8 credits from the following elective courses. Depending on your interests, you may choose elective courses across areas in MCH (noted in italicized headings below) or in one area.

Note: Whichever option above (GH 881 or MC 725) is not selected as the student’s required MCH course may count as an elective for the MCH Certificate.

Courses Related to Reproductive, Perinatal, and Women’s Health

  • EP 759 Reproductive Epidemiology (4 cr)
  • GH 766 Sexual and Reproductive Health in Disaster Settings (4 cr)
  • GH 881 Global Reproductive and Perinatal Health (4 cr)
  • MC 725 Women, Children, and Adolescents: A Public Health Approach (4 cr)*
  • MC 759 Perinatal and Child Health Epidemiology (4 cr)
  • MC 763 MCH Policymaking (2 cr)
  • MC 782 Women and Substance Use (2 cr)
  • MC 785 Sexual and Reproductive Health Advocacy: From Rights to Justice (2 cr)**
  • MC 805 Perinatal and Child Health Services (4 cr)*
  • MC 815 Sexual and Reproductive Health Advocacy: Practice in Global and Local Context (4 cr)**
  • MC 840 Women and Health Policy (4 cr)
  • SB 750 Preventing Intimate Partner Violence (4 cr)
  • SB 751 Sexual Violence: Public Health Perspectives in Intervention and Prevention (4 cr)
  • SB 753 Preventing Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence: A Public Health Perspective (4 cr)

Courses Related to Child and Adolescent Health and Development

  • GH 887 Managing Maternal and Child Health Programs in Developing Countries (4 cr)*
  • MC 705 Safer Sex in the City: From Science to Policy (4 cr)
  • MC 725 Women, Children, and Adolescents: A Public Health Approach (4 cr)*
  • MC 770 Children with Special Health Care Needs (4 cr)
  • MC 795 The Health of Adolescents and Emerging Adults (4 cr)
  • MC 800 Preventing Mental Health Disorders among Women, Children, and Adolescents: A Life Course Perspective (2 cr)
  • MC 805 Perinatal Health and Child Services (4 cr)*
  • SB 800 Obesity and Society (4 cr)

Cross-Cutting Courses (Focus on Families and Communities or MCH Leadership More Broadly)

  • GH 887 Managing Maternal and Child Health Programs in Developing Countries (4 cr)*
  • MC 730 Leading to Face Challenges and Achieve Results in Public Health (2 cr)***
  • MC 775 Social Justice and the Health of Populations: Racism and Other Systems of Oppression in America (4 cr)****
  • MC 776 Advanced Practice and Research Methods for Public Health Equity (4 cr)****
  • MC 786 Immigrant and Refugee Health (4 cr)
  • MC 802 Implementing Community Health Initiatives: A Field-Based Course in Leadership and Consultation (4 cr)***

* Listed in more than one MCH area.
** Students may receive SPH credit for MC 815 (4 cr) or MC 785 (2 cr), but not both, due to overlap.
*** Students may receive MCH Certificate credit for MC 802 (4 cr) or MC 730 (2 cr), not both, due to overlap.
****Students cannot receive credit for both MC 775 and MC 776.