MPH Functional Certificate: Program Management

This certificate equips students to lead public health programs in a variety of settings, including low-resource environments. Students will be able to coordinate and prioritize resources, manage costs and risks, develop plans, motivate staff, and direct efforts to improve community health and program performance. Students will develop skills to think critically about public health problems, apply relevant theories, and practice program management and leadership through problem-based learning.

Upon graduation, students will be able to:

  • Develop oversight to support project-level activity, to ensure that the essential elements of a program and program goals are met by providing a decision-making capacity that cannot be achieved at project level.
  • Demonstrate skills in budget management, such as analyzing data, providing budget justifications, and developing budget formulations, which can be used to design and implement health programs in low- and middle-income country settings.
  • Create monitoring plans to assess leadership and employee accountability, and review plans for management of projects, stakeholders, and suppliers.
  • Critically assess program outcomes to identify needed changes, and ensure that monitoring systems are in place to enable program evaluation.
  • Propose specific solutions to a variety of program challenges related to human resources, information technology, supervision, logistics, and management.

Course Requirements

  • GH 773 Financial Management for Health Programs (4 cr)
  • MC 820 Managing Public Health Programs and Projects (4 cr) or PM 733 Health Program Management (4 cr)
  • GH 743 Implementing Health Programs in Developing Countries (4 cr) or PM 832 Operations Management in Healthcare (4 cr)
  • Choose 4 credits from the following:
    • GH 722 Supply Chain Management (2 cr)
    • GH 741 Consultation Techniques (2 cr)
    • GH 744 Program Design for International Health (4 cr)
    • GH 755 Managing Disasters (4 cr)
    • GH 757 Fighting Corruption (2 cr)
    • GH 804 mHealth (2 cr)
    • GH 854 Data to Dashboards (2 cr)
    • GH 887 Planning and Managing MCH Programs in Developing Countries (4 cr)
    • MC 802 Implementing Community Health Initiatives (4 cr)
    • PM 736 Human Resources Management in Public Health (4 cr)
    • PM 804 Digital Disruption (2 cr)

Integrative Learning Experience

The ILE for the Program Management certificate is intended to hone skills in effective writing, public speaking, and job interviewing. Students will be given a program management case study by his/her advisor, and asked to complete a written analysis document, based on research as well as students’ own ideas about proposed solutions to the issues raised in the case. Students will then create a three-minute video addressing their responses to the case, thereby simulating a case-based job interview for a program management position.