MPH Functional Certificate: Health Policy and Law

Improving healthcare requires smart policies and effective laws that rest on sound evidence. Major challenges include assuring affordable health care for all; containing costs and cutting waste; assuring availability of the right caregivers in the right places; and relying on governments, professionals, and markets to take on jobs they are competent to perform. This certificate equips students to analyze, design, and improve policies and laws in the US or globally.

Upon graduation, students will be able to:

  • Analyze health policy problems faced by countries, states, and localities—and dissect their political, social, financial, organizational, and other causes.
  • Evaluate policies’ effectiveness, efficiency, affordability, and equity.
  • Develop creative policy proposals that recognize legalpolitical, and financial constraints.
  • Determine factors influencing successful policy implementation.
  • Effectively communicate policy and legal analyses through multiple channels to diverse audiences.

Course Requirements

  • PM 760 Health Law, Policy, and Policymaking (4 cr)
  • A minimum of 8 credits from these analytic/integrative courses:
    • LW 850 Public Health Law (4 cr)
    • PM 735 Health Care Finance (4 cr)
    • PM 740 Comparative Health Systems (4 cr)
    • PM 833 Health Economics (4 cr)
    • PM 834 Health and Regulating to Fix Health Care Problems (4 cr)
    • PM 840 Analysis of Current Health Policy Issues (4 cr)
  • Either another 4-credit analytic/integrative course or 4 credits from issue area course(s)
    • Choose EITHER 4 additional credits from the list of analytic/integrative courses
    • OR 4 credits from the following issue area courses:
      • LW 830 Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act (4 cr)
      • LW 854 Mental Health Law (4 cr)
      • EH 805 Environmental Health Science, Policy & Law (4 cr)
      • PM 802 Pharmaceutical Management and Policy Cases (2 cr)
      • PM 838 Health Politics (2 cr)
      • PM 850 Consumer Organizing and Advocacy for Health System Change (2 cr)
      • GH 888 Seminar on Global Health Policy Issues (2 cr)
      • MC 763 Maternal and Child Health Policymaking (2 cr)

Integrative Learning Experience

Students will participate in one of several mock legislative, regulatory, or legal hearings. The topics and stakeholder perspectives will be selected by the certificate director and other faculty members from among health care controversies facing federal or state governments.