MPH Functional Certificate: Global Health Program Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation

This 16-credit certificate provides students with practical skills to work in health organizations in developing and developed countries. Students will design and implement monitoring and evaluation plans, apply rigorous analytical methods to estimate the impacts and costs of public health programs and policies, and critically assess and interpret existing evidence to inform public health decisionmaking and the design of innovative new programs.

Upon graduation, students will be able to:

  • Design monitoring and evaluation plans for public health programs.
  • Utilize formative, process, and outcome evaluations.
  • Differentiate between qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods in relation to their strengths, limitations, appropriate uses, with an emphasis on reliability and validity.
  • Apply analytic methods to evaluate the impacts and costs of public health programs and policies.
  • Support the use of data from monitoring and evaluation projects in informing evidence-based decisionmaking and the design of new programs and continuous quality improvement efforts.

Course Requirements

  • GH 745 Monitoring and Evaluation of Global Health Programs (4 cr)
  • Choose 8 credits from the following core program design, monitoring, and evaluation courses:
    • GH 744 Program Design (4 cr)
    • GH 811 Applied Research Methods in Global Health (4 cr)
    • GH 815 Methods for Impact Evaluation (4 cr)
    • PH 854 Program and Policy Evaluation (4 cr)
  • Choose 4 credits of the following complementary skill-building courses:
    • BS 722 Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials (4 cr)
    • BS 723 Introduction to Statistical Computing (4 cr)
    • BS 730 Introduction to R: Software for Statistical Computing (4 cr)
    • GH 743 Implementing Health Programs in Developing Countries (4 cr)
    • GH 756 Analyzing Methods for Pharmaceuticals Systems Assessment (4 cr)
    • GH 762 Essentials of Economics and Finance for Global Health (4 cr)
    • GH 806 Using Mobile Technologies to Improve Health Outcomes (4 cr)
    • GH 854 Data to Dashboards: Building Excel Skills to Support Health Program Decisions (2 cr)
    • SB 818 Qualitative Research Methods (4 cr)

Integrative Learning Experience

The BU MPH Integrative Learning Experience serves to demonstrate the synthesis of foundational and certificate competencies. For students completing the Monitoring & Evaluation Certificate, there are two options for the ILE: a written M&E Plan; or a written Analysis Report.