MPH Functional Certificate: Health Communication and Promotion

This certificate provides multi-disciplinary knowledge and practical skills for developing and implementing communications-based strategies to motivate healthy behaviors, change social norms, and promote public health programs and policies. Students will gain knowledge and skills, including qualitative research, intervention and campaign development, risk communication, media advocacy, and the use of social media, websites, print and broadcast media, and other communications channels to advance public health.

Upon graduation, students will be able to:

  • Design a strategic plan for an intervention and communications strategy that is theory-driven, science-based, audience-centered, practicable, and evaluable.
  • Apply a range of appropriate communication venues to support public health goals based on analysis and evaluation of alternative venues.
  • Create effective materials and messages using strategies and tools tailored to diverse audiences, including those with lower health literacy.
  • Develop an evaluation plan for a communication strategy.
  • Demonstrate professional oral presentation skills to inform and persuade diverse audiences.

Course Requirements

  • SB 733 Mass Communication and Public Health (4 cr)
  • SB 806 Communication Strategies for Public Health (4 cr)
  • Choose 8 credits from the following:
    • SB 813 Web-Based Health Communication Strategies (4 cr)
    • SB 818 Qualitative Research Methods (4 cr)
    • SB 833 Designing and Implementing a Public Health Communications Campaign (4 cr)
    • SB 860 Strategies for Public Health Advocacy (4 cr)
    • GH 701 Global Health Storytelling (4 cr)
    • GH 804 mHealth (2 cr)
    • MC 730 Leading to Face Challenges and Receive Results in Public Health (2 cr)
    • MC 785 Reproductive Health Advocacy: From Rights to Justice (2 cr)
    • MC 802 Implementing Community Initiatives (4 cr)
    • MC 815 Sexual and Reproductive Advocacy: Practice in Global and Local Context (4 cr)
    • PH 712 Public Health Responses to Emergencies in the United States (2 cr)
    • PM 785 Mental Health Advocacy (2 cr)

Integrative Learning Experience

Students collaborate with a public health agency in need of communication strategies to solve a problem and/or support an approach.