Six-Semester JD/LLM in Taxation

Boston University School of Law is pleased to offer JD students with a strong interest in tax law the opportunity to earn BU Law’s JD and LLM in Taxation in six semesters. By taking qualifying courses during the second and third years of the JD program, a student earns credit towards the LLM in Taxation.

JD students may apply for admission to the six-semester JD/LLM in Taxation at any time during their second year at BU Law; however, the application must be completed no later than July 31 in the summer prior to the student’s 3L year. In order to be eligible for the LLM degree, a Six-Semester Program student must earn a total of 24 credits in Qualified Tax Courses, with an overall GPA of 3.0 or above for those 24 credits.

Admissions requirements and Qualified Tax Course listing are available here.