Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars and researchers from around the world join the BU Law community to conduct research under the guidance of or in collaboration with members of the BU Law faculty. Most visiting scholars and researchers are junior or senior members of law faculties in countries outside the US; some are involved in government service or doctoral or post-doctoral studies.

Visiting scholars benefit from an accommodating place to pursue their work and from an ability to exchange ideas with our faculty, other visiting scholars, and the significant number of lawyers and jurists from around the world who are enrolled in graduate legal studies at BU Law. The majority of visiting scholars will stay at BU Law for a full academic year, beginning in the fall semester.

The BU Law Library offers visiting scholars full access to its collections to pursue their research agendas, as well as dedicated, shared office space. Space permitting, visiting scholars are invited to observe classes and attend other academic events. They may also use the computers located in BU Law’s Fineman & Pappas Libraries and in the school’s several computer labs. Visits range from a few weeks to a full year and may start at any time.

At the present time, BU Law is not accepting unsolicited applications for the visiting scholar program, though faculty members are welcome to sponsor visiting scholars of whom they are aware.