Recognizing that the worlds of law and business have become increasingly interdependent and complex, the School of Law (LAW) and Questrom School of Business at Boston University offer a formal dual degree program in Law & Management. Because of the many areas of focus shared by the two schools, students can complete the JD/MBA dual degree program in an accelerated three-year track, although the traditional four-year track is also an option.

Learning Outcomes


Students will:

  • Possess knowledge and understanding of substantive and procedural law;
  • Possess the ability to perform:
    • Legal analysis and reasoning
    • Legal research
    • Problem-solving
    • Written communication in the legal context
    • Oral communication in the legal context;
  • Understand the exercise of proper professional and ethical responsibilities to clients and the legal system; and
  • Demonstrate the professional skills of collaboration, counseling, and negotiation needed for competent and ethical participation as a member of the legal profession. All students will also demonstrate a basic understanding of business fundamentals and be able to read and understand basic financial documents.

Business Administration, MBA

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to demonstrate:

  • Responsible business leadership.
  • Effective communication.
  • Critical and analytical thinking.
  • Collaboration.
  • An entrepreneurial mindset.


Prospective students must submit online applications to both Questrom School of Business and the School of Law. Students must be accepted by both schools in order to be eligible to complete this dual degree.

Applying to Questrom School of Business

For the JD/MBA (Three-Year Accelerated) dual degree, students must apply to Questrom before their first year of law school. For the JD/MBA (non-accelerated), students who are already enrolled in the School of Law typically apply before or during their first year of law school in order to begin the MBA program in their second year. However, students can also apply to Questrom to begin their master’s degree program in their third year of law studies. In this case, students should recognize that their dual degree may require longer than four years.

Although work experience is not a requirement for admission, many candidates do have some postgraduate experience. From a competitive standpoint, candidates with little or no work experience should be stronger in other admission criteria, such as GPA and the GMAT. Please note that while the LSAT is required for admission to the School of Law, it may not be substituted for the GRE or GMAT, one of which is required as part of the application to Questrom.

Course Requirements

MBA Requirements

Students must complete 31 credits in Questrom.

Note: The required courses (a total of 31 Questrom credit hours) must be completed within Questrom School of Business.

The MBA program has a strict policy on having the appropriate prerequisites for certain courses. Also, not all MBA courses are offered each semester, so please be sure to meet with the Questrom dual degree advisor before registration each semester in order to plan your MBA courses and confirm which courses will be offered.

Please note that dual degree students must take evening classes at Questrom.

JD Requirements

There are no specific LAW courses required for the JD/MBA program, but it is strongly suggested that students take courses in the areas of commercial law, business organizations, government regulation of business, and taxation.

Note: No LAW-taught management courses (e.g., LAW Principles of Accounting) may be transferred to Questrom School of Business for MBA credit.

After the first year of law school, students may apply toward the JD no more than two graduate-level MBA courses in one semester; in addition, students may apply toward the JD a maximum of 12 credits of non-law, graduate-level work taken at Questrom School of Business.

Although Questrom has a summer session, courses offered during the summer session are limited and vary from year to year. Also, students who take summer Questrom courses while enrolled as law students must pay extra tuition for those courses. Please note that summer courses taken at Questrom may not be applied toward the JD. Summer courses are necessary to complete the accelerated three-year JD/MBA on time.

Tuition & Financial Aid

While students are attending both the School of Law and Questrom School of Business, they pay only one tuition. For most of the degree, this tuition is paid to the School of Law. If students exceed 18 credits in any given semester, they will be charged additional tuition. Students who take summer courses at Questrom while considered a student at another BU school or college must pay per credit for those courses.

Please note that Questrom will not consider candidates applying to the JD/MBA programs for scholarships, as scholarship decisions for this dual degree program are made by the School of Law.