JD/LLM in Finance with the Institute for Law and Finance, Frankfurt, Germany

BU Law students have a unique opportunity to spend their entire third year (fall and spring semesters) enrolled as full-time LLM students at the Institute for Law and Finance in Frankfurt, Germany (ILF), in pursuit of an LLM in Finance degree from Goethe University, one of Europe’s most acclaimed institutions for higher education.

Instruction is entirely in English and is provided by experts from central and commercial banks, regulatory bodies, international law firms, auditing companies, and consultancies. Specialized courses cover the economic, transactional, and regulatory aspects of the global financial service industry. After completing their ILF coursework, students will receive the BU Law JD and, upon completing ILF’s thesis requirement, an LLM in Finance from Goethe.

Students who pursue the LLM in Finance Program will be required to complete a minimum of 10 classes, a master’s thesis, and a six-week internship at one of ILF’s sponsoring institutions from the financial, regulatory, central banking, international law, and accounting areas.