• GRS PH 812: Kant 2
  • GRS PH 816: Hegel
    A close reading of the Phenomenology of Spirit, with a particular emphasis on its role as the justification of Hegel's standpoint in the Logic, the development of the overall argument, and the famous sections on sense-certainty, the master-slave dialectic, unhappy consciousness, the terror of the French revolution, the critique of Kant's moral philosophy, and the transition to religion. Students are asked to present short presentations on selections from the secondary literature.
  • GRS PH 819: Ethics
    An advanced study of ethics.
  • GRS PH 820: Contemporary Philosophy
    An advanced study of contemporary philosophy.
  • GRS PH 826: Advanced Phenomenology
  • GRS PH 840: Metaphysics
    Topic for Spring 2022: Metaphysics & Epistemology of Mental Health and Illness. First half of semester covers foundational issues in metaphysics/epistemology (with sources from philosophy of science, psychiatry, disability, and metaphysics). Second half covers (i) agency and (ii) the social world.
  • GRS PH 850: Ethics
    Examines the origins of two familiar distinctions (1. the good versus the right; 2. sentiment versus reason). Tries to make sense of the eighteenth century approaches to these issues, as well as the continuity of those approaches with related twentieth and twenty-first century ethical theory.
  • GRS PH 854: Seminar in Political Philosophy
    Topic for Spring 2018: Hobbes.
  • GRS PH 860: Epistemology
  • GRS PH 870: Seminar in the Philosophy of Science
    Topic for Fall 2007: Philosophical Foundations of Quantum Theory. An advanced seminar in the philosophy of physics, focusing on quantum theory. Examines the philosophical implications of recent developments in entanglement and quantum information science, such as quantum cryptography, quantum computing, and quantum teleportation.
  • GRS PH 871: Philosophy of Science
    The aim of the course is to clarify the credentials and implications of each position (thus provide students a solid ground for participating in wider cultural debates on rationality and relativism), and to have a better understanding of the recent history and current status of philosophy of science (which is part of necessary training for professional philosophers), through a careful examination of the structure of the arguments adopted by each position in dealing with various issues.
  • GRS PH 880: Topics in Philosophy I
    Recent work in moral psychology and ethics.
  • GRS PH 881: Proseminar for First-Year Graduate Students
    Graduate Prerequisites: First-year philosophy PhD student standing.
    This seminar is open only to first-year PhD students in philosophy, all of whom are required to enroll. The seminar is designed to help incoming graduate students hone several invaluable philosophical skills, including those needed for effective presentation and defense of one's ideas. Topics vary by semester.
  • GRS PH 883: Topics in Philosophy
    Topic for Fall 2022: History of Analytic Philosophy. One or more topics from the history of analytic philosophy (roughly Frege through Quine), emphasizing the importance of logic for that tradition
  • GRS PH 901: Directed Research on Thesis
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of major professor.
  • GRS PH 902: Directed Research on Thesis
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of major professor.
  • GRS PH 905: Directed Study in Problems in Philosophy
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
  • GRS PH 906: Directed Study in Problems in Philosophy
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
  • GRS PH 990: Dissertation Workshop
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: Students should be enrolled in the Philosophy PhD program
    Intended for Philosophy PhD students working toward a dissertation prospectus or dissertation. Students present their research and discuss each other's research projects.
  • GRS PH 991: Directed Research on Dissertation
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of major professor.