Genetics & Genomics

  • GMS GE 701: Principles of Genetics and Genomics
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor
    This course will serve as a foundation for understanding the heritable basis of numerous biological traits, the relationships among genes, and the regulation of their expression. Focus on the ability to use genetic systems to probe these problems, and therefore will heavily explore the experimental aspects of these investigations. Includes discussion of the impact of the genome sequences' availability on the practice of modern science. Use of case study approach to investigate the rich variety of scientific insights gained through genetic studies of aging, addiction, obesity, and others. 4 cr, Fall sem.
  • GMS GE 703: Genetics and Genomics Colloquium I
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor
    The Genetics and Genomics Colloquium will be a highly participatory journal club where the students will be asked to give presentations on cutting edge research with the focus on communication skills rather than scientific content. This approach will allow students to become more comfortable with public speaking while developing the skills necessary for effective communication of scientific ideas. 2 cr, Fall sem.
  • GMS GE 704: Genetics Col 2
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor
    This course description is currently under construction.
  • GMS GE 706: Deconstructing Systemic Bias: Where Biology Ends and Bias Begins
    This course will help students explore the relationship between race, ethnicity, ancestry, sex, gender, ability status, and identity. Students will also gain understanding of the fundamentals of human population variation at the genetic level and will demonstrate how this information has been misused in the form of "scientific racism." These principles will be used to examine the impact of underrepresentation in scientific studies and cases in which scientific racism and bias have caused harm to marginalized groups. To integrate this knowledge, students will debunk misapplication of these concepts in examples of racism and other forms of bias where biological principles are misrepresented. 2 cr, Spring sem.
  • GMS GE 901: Research in Genetics and Genomics
    Var cr, Fall & Spring sem.