• GMS MI 701: Concepts in Virology
    The goals of this course are to provide a fundamental understanding of virus molecular biology. The course will build on prior understanding of mammalian cellular and molecular biology and will follow the replication cycle of animal viruses, focusing in detail on the molecular mechanisms that they utilize to enter cells and generate their progeny. The course will examine key concepts in molecular virology, including virus structure, how viruses can attach and enter cells, express and replicate their genomes, take advantage of the host cell translation machinery, and package and release virus progeny. There will also be lectures on key events in the history of virology, antivirals and how viruses can be manipulated and used as tools. The course will be aimed towards first year Ph.D. students in the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences and taught by Microbiology Department faculty with expertise in virology. The content will include a combination of powerpoint presentations and discussion of primary research papers. Reading materials will include primary literature and suggested review articles. Students will be evaluated on their discussion of papers, written work, a presentation and a final examination designed to test the students' critical thinking and analytical skills. 2 cr, Spring sem.
  • GMS MI 713: Comprehensive Immunology
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor
    Comprehensive introduction to immunologic principles and applications. This course consists of both interactive lectures and discussion sessions. Emphasis is placed on analysis and interpretation of data from the primary literature. Prior coursework in genetics and biochemistry is strongly recommended. 4 cr, Fall sem.
  • GMS MI 715: Immunological Basis of Disease
    Journal article-based survey of mechanisms underlying diseases caused by abnormal immune system function. Emphasis will be on normal vs. pathological immune system processes towards reinforcing how basic immunological concepts have immediate clinical significance. 2 cr, Spring sem. alternate years
  • GMS MI 811: Microbiology Seminar
    Presentation and discussion of problems of current interest. 2 cr, Fall sem.
  • GMS MI 812: Microbiology Seminar
    Presentation and discussion of problems of current interest. 2 cr, Spring sem.
  • GMS MI 823: Special Topics in Microbiology
    Var cr, Fall sem.
  • GMS MI 911: Research Microbiology
    Var cr
  • GMS MI 912: Research Microbiology
    Var cr